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Climate characteristics and factors behind record-heavy rain in Japan in August 2021 - Japan Meteorological Agency


In mid-August 2021, areas from western to eastern Japan experienced record-heavy rain.?The conditions observed are mainly attributed to the following:?- Unusually for mid-summer in eastern and western Japan, like atmospheric flow in the latter half of the early-summer rainy season, known as the Baiu, a stationary front was strengthened by a significant north-south gradient of temperature in the lower troposphere between the Okhotsk High to north of Japan and the southward shifted North Pacific Subtropical High (NPSH) expanding to the south of Japan. A continuous confluence of water...

Pollution and barriers are key problems for Europe’s waters


European water bodies suffer from agricultural pollution as well as pollution from insufficiently treated waste water from cities, industry and scattered dwellings, according to a European Environment Agency (EEA) report, published today. Artificial barriers, together with navigation, abstraction, aquaculture, and invasive alien species cause additional pressures. However, solutions to tackle the problems exist and should be more widely adopted.

WMO: Climate change threatens sustainable development


New report highlights the interconnections
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22?September 2021 (WMO) - If the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) are to be...

Devastating wildfires cause record emissions in Northern hemisphere


Europe?s?Copernicus Atmosphere Monitoring Service (CAMS) has been closely monitoring a summer of extreme wildfires across the Northern Hemisphere, including intense hotspots around the Mediterranean basin and in North America and Siberia. The intense fires led to new records in the CAMS dataset with the months of July and August seeing their highest global carbon emissions respectively.
CAMS reports that not only large parts of the Northern Hemisphere were affected during this year?s boreal fire season, but the number of fires, their persistence and intensity were remarkable.

Air pollution still too high in most EU Member States


Concentrations of key air pollutants remain too high in most European countries. According to the European Environment Agency’s official data, published today, most European Union (EU) Member States exceed at least one or more of the EU’s legal limits for pollutants in ambient air in 2019.

Mali CAP Ready!


With a target of enabling Common Alerting Protocol, (CAP) readiness in 25 African countries by the end of 2021, it is with great pleasure we announce that CAP in Mali is now online and fully operational.? The CAP alerts and warnings are also displayed on the WMO Severe Weather Information Centre (SWIC 2.0) platform as shown in the image below. ?Congratulations to Mali!?, they are well on their way to improving the coordination and dissemination of alerts nationally and internationally. Mali joins the growing list of countries in Africa which have completed the CAP standard implementation...

The weather in Germany - Summer 2021 - Deutscher Wetterdienst


Offenbach, 30 August 2021 ? In 2021 Germany experienced its rainiest summer for ten years. The extreme rainfall from the low-pressure system 'Bernd' in mid-July severely affected North Rhine-Westphalia and Rhineland Palatinate. It caused devastating floods, resulting in one of the most serious natural disasters for the Federal Republic of Germany since the North Sea storm surge of 1962. Overall, the months of June, July and August were too warm and with average sunshine. This is the summary announced by the Deutscher Wetterdienst (DWD) after an initial analysis of the observations from its...

The weather in Germany in August 2021 - Deutscher Wetterdienst


Offenbach, 30 August 2021 ? During the last month of summer 2021, Germany was mainly under the influence of low-pressure areas centring over the British Isles from where they gradually moved to southern Scandinavia. These resulted in frequent rainfall, which was accompanied at first by violent thunderstorms, extremely heavy localised precipitation and even tornados. Periods of high pressure and sunshine were generally only brief. The initially summery temperatures fell in the course of the month and were at times autumnal during the last ten days of the month. Consequently, August 2021 was...

Climate Change PIX winners selected


Winning captures of the European Environment Agency’s (EEA) ‘Climate Change PIX’ photo competition show how climate change is already affecting Europe but also how well-known solutions can make a difference. The winner of the Youth Prize uses artistic skills to make a bold statement about the global emergency.

Climate change and impacts accelerate


COVID-19 caused only a temporary reduction in carbon emissions
World is off track to meet Paris Agreement climate targets
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Ozone layer recovery is an environmental success story


The World Meteorological Organization joins the rest of the international community in marking World Ozone Day on 16 September. It highlights the importance of safeguarding the Earth?s protective ozone layer and shows that collective action, guided by science, is the best way to solve major global challenges.
The ozone layer in the upper atmosphere blocks ultraviolet (UV) radiation that harms living tissue, including humans and plants. The ozone ?hole,? which was discovered in 1985 is the result of human emited chlorofluorocarbons (CFCs), which are ozone-depleting chemicals and greenhouse...

United in Science 2021 set for release


United in Science 2021 will be released on 16 September.
The report is a multi-organization compilation of the latest climate science information and gives a unified assessment of the state of our Earth system. This is the third edition.
The report provides details on:?
Greenhouse Gas Concentrations in the Atmosphere (WMO)
Global greenhouse gas emissions and budgets (Global Carbon Project)
Emissions Gap (UN Environment Programme)
Global Climate in 2017-2021 and 2021-2025 (WMO, UK Met Office)
Highlights of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change Sixth Assessment...

Obnova Celovške ceste v Ljubljani



Obnova Celovške ceste v Ljubljani


FOTO: Prometnoinformacijski center

“Financing the UN Development System” showcases SOFF


The new edition of the ?Financing the United Nations Development System? report looks at how the quality of funding channelled through the UN development system can be improved In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic.
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65th issue of the TCC News - Japan Meteorological Agency


The Tokyo Climate Center (TCC) of the Japan Meteorological Agency (JMA) has released the 65th issue of the TCC News on the TCC website.?This issue covers: - JMA?s New Climatological Normals for 1991-2020?- JMA?s Seasonal Ensemble Prediction System Upgrade Plan?

Meteorological disaster preparedness safeguards people's livelihoods during this year's flood season - China Meteorological Administration


During this year's flood season, many localities have witnessed broken records of precipitation. The heavy rainfall have wreaked havoc and brought myriad impacts. During this period, Chinese meteorological departments have carried out effective monitoring and forecasting, and made full-fledged deployments in terms of disaster preparedness. Let's have a snapshot.

Monthly Weather Summary - August 2021 - Kingdom of Bahrain


August 2021 goes on record as the hottest August ever experienced in Bahrain since 1902. The mean temperature of the month was 36.8?C which is 1.7?C above the long-term normal for August and this goes on record as the highest mean temperature for August since 1902. The old record was 36.6?C recorded in August 2017.?The mean maximum temperature of the month was 41.8?C which is 2.2?C above the long-term normal and this goes on record as the highest mean maximum temperature for August since 1946. The old record was 41.4?C recorded in August 2017.

Innovating for sustainability


Innovation is a political priority across Europe that can deliver many benefits for society but also generate costs that are often unaccounted for. A European Environment Agency briefing, published today, looks at how innovation can respond to sustainability challenges and how Europe needs to look for solutions beyond technological innovation.

Upgraded NWP system empowers global tropical cyclone prediction - China Meteorological Administration


On September 1, CMA?s independently developed global assimilation forecast system GRAPES_GFS completed upgrading.Using this system, CMA has carried out prediction for the track and gale of hurricane Ida and Nora from August 28 UT.?After the upgrading of GRAPES_GFS, the tropical cyclone forecast scope of World Meteorological Centre (Beijing) is expanded from Northwest Pacific and the South China Sea to the entire world.


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