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Javno naznanilo – reja 76.500 piščancev brojlerjev in 200 prašičev pitancev - Farma Prančberger

9. december 2021, ARSO, Novice, Okolje

Izdaja okoljevarstvenega dovoljenja Agencija Republike Slovenije za okolje objavlja javno naznanilo za izdajo okoljevarstvenega dovoljenja za obratovanje naprave, ki lahko povzroča onesnaževanje okolja večjega obsega in sicer za rejo piščancev brojlerjev s proizvodno zmogljivostjo 76.500 mest (Farma Prančberger) in napravo C1, v kateri se izvaja dejavnost reje prašičev pitancev s proizvodno zmogljivostjo 200 mest, na lokaciji Zgornja Ščavnica 71, 2233 Sveta Ana v Slovenskih goricah. Vlagatelj zahteve za dovoljenje je Edvard …

Objavljeno 9.12.2021 v/na ARSO

Pollution and barriers are key problems for Europe’s waters

23.9.2021, EEA

European water bodies suffer from agricultural pollution as well as pollution from insufficiently treated waste water from cities, industry and scattered dwellings, according to a European Environment Agency (EEA) report, published today. Artificial barriers, together with navigation, abstraction, aquaculture, and invasive alien species cause additional pressures. However, solutions to tackle the problems exist and should be more widely adopted.

Air pollution still too high in most EU Member States

21.9.2021, EEA

Concentrations of key air pollutants remain too high in most European countries. According to the European Environment Agency’s official data, published today, most European Union (EU) Member States exceed at least one or more of the EU’s legal limits for pollutants in ambient air in 2019.

Climate Change PIX winners selected

20.9.2021, EEA

Winning captures of the European Environment Agency’s (EEA) ‘Climate Change PIX’ photo competition show how climate change is already affecting Europe but also how well-known solutions can make a difference. The winner of the Youth Prize uses artistic skills to make a bold statement about the global emergency.

Innovating for sustainability

9.9.2021, EEA

Innovation is a political priority across Europe that can deliver many benefits for society but also generate costs that are often unaccounted for. A European Environment Agency briefing, published today, looks at how innovation can respond to sustainability challenges and how Europe needs to look for solutions beyond technological innovation.

EU maritime transport: first environmental impact report acknowledges good progress towards sustainability and confirms that more effort is needed to prepare for rising demand

1.9.2021, EEA

Maritime transport plays and will continue to play an essential role in global and European trade and economy. In recent years, the maritime sector has taken significant measures to alleviate its environmental impacts. Ahead of a projected increase in global shipping volumes, a new report reveals for the first time the full extent of the impact of the EU maritime transport sector on the environment and identifies challenges to achieving sustainability.

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